Intelligent Neck Massager FAQ

How to Use Our Neck Massager



Q: Is this rechargeable?

A: Yes. And comes with a cable. Recharges pretty fast. Glowing light will turn green when full recharged.

Q: I have a shoulder replacement and plate and screw in back can i use it

A: No. Do not use if you have metal implants.

Q: Why I don't feel the pulses much? 

A: Moist your neck by wet paper towel or your wet hand. The current does not transfer well when your neck is dry and is much less effective.

Q: Where is it made?

A: It is Made in China.

Q: What about dental implants, can this device be used if I have dental implants?

A: Check with your dentist. 

Q: What is the largest neck can it fit?

A: This neck massager has a U-shaped design, it bends, and can fit almost everyone. 

Q: How does this compare to Neckology product?

A: The working principle and function are the same.

Q: Does this unit heat necessarily? I don't need the heat all the time. 

A: The heat function can be managed separately. Just turn off the heating function by pressing the first button of the remote control.

Q: Can I sanitize the product after every use?

A: Of Course! Please only use a light damp towel for cleaning.

Q: Is it waterproof? Can I use it in the shower?

A: Unfortunately not, do not use in shower

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